Successfully connecting parents with local babysitters in West Los Angeles since its launch in 2016. Bambino wanted to increase it's convenience and sit request success rate by more accurately representing a sitters availability. User research confirmed a strong desire and need need for this functionality. Shifting gears from research to design, we delivered a solution that shortened the steps to task completion.



Role: User Researcher, UX + UI Designer, Project Manager

Team: Ramon Martinez, Jared Gambatese

Tools: Illustrator, MyBalsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Pencil + Paper




Accelerate sit request success rate.

Reduce number of unacceptable requests to the sitter user group.

More accurately present sitter options to parent user group.




An initial round of user interviews were conducted with the sitter user group, followed by a round of in person testing after we built a digital prototype.



Is there a need for our solution; do sitters mind getting requests for times they know they are unavailable?

Is it more intuitive to outline when available (with default being otherwise unavailable) or, when you aren't available (with default of calendar otherwise available)?

How do users interact with existing calendaring applications and systems?

Is our solution usable, do the required interactions cause confusion/frustration?



Users are champing at bit for this feature.

Users are as comfortable outlining when they are unavailable as they are with outlining when they aren't available.

Users often flip-flopped mid-sentence regarding which approach makes more sense.

If clearly communicated, it doesn't matter which of the two approaches is used.



Typically, one is asked "when can you work" however almost all calendaring systems operate with the assumption that you are available until you populate when you are unavailable. Our comparative analysis confirmed this, now we needed to talk to users to see how they think about it.



Archetype based on user (sitter) research, these sentiments repeatedly surfaced during interviews.



User Group #1 (Sitters)

As a sitter on the Bambino App, I often get requests for times I'm unavailable. I'd like a way to outline my schedule so I don't receive requests for times i can't sit.



user Group #2 (ParentS)

As a parent on the Bambino App, There's no way to know if the sitters I request are even available for the times I need. I'm often left guessing as unavailable sitters tend not to respond. The system should only suggest sitters who are available for the times I need.




Armed with our user research, we did a few quick 15 minute design studio sessions to explore various functionality concepts.



We took the strongest elements from our design studio work and created a paper prototype for user testing.


Users understood either method, outlining when they are available or outlining when they are unavailable but preferred to outline when they are unavailable.

The visual representation was too complex and unnecessary.

Cancel/Submit/Clear functionality needed to be refined and streamlines





While testing the paper prototype with the team at Bambino, we learned that this feature had already been designed by three prior groups of designers though never released. Rather than simply bring another design to the table, we did some additional discovery with the main stakeholder to understand what was liked/disliked about the previous designs and why the project never moved forward.


All of the previous designs had data to support the decision making,
but none addresseD the Product owner’s Preference.


Our final solution was then shaped from various elements of the previous designs but informed by our research regarding “When Can you work” / “When Can’t you work” and the product owners preference.