Transparency & Enhancement Solution


ModAuto wants to provide greater transparency for its society members & its employees. User research confirmed the need and also surfaced an opportunity to further enhance their societal experience.



Role: Project & Product Manager, UX Designer

Team: Rami Hamdan, Temoor Wasim, Jared Gambatese

Tools: Illustrator, Xd, Sketch, Keynote, Pencil + Paper


Deliver transparency solution for society members & employees of ModAuto, giving them quick access to membership details.

Enhance membership experience.   



Our lead researcher planned to put surveys out to the primary and secondary user groups.
The team then honed each question in the survey to specifically address an area or concept of interest as initially established.



There is a clear need for a transparency solution.

Research leaned heavily towards a mobile solution.

Desire for an enhanced societal experience surfaced as members currently view the membership only as means to a discount.


Is there a need for our solution; do users even care for quicker access to review remaining benefits?

Gauge level of interest in mobile vs. desktop based solution.

Identify media consumption tendencies.

Determine social media engagement levels.


User Voices

I need a more detailed understanding of the society membership, all I really know is that I have some form of it.
Please make it easier to schedule appointments.
Outside of the discounts, there isn’t anything special about being part of this society.
I don’t know if I ever received everything that was promised with membership.


Created archetype based on our user research.


User Story


As a ModAuto Society Enthusiast member,
I'd like a quick way to see if I have any remaining service hours.




To assist the team in keeping our design solution in line with the existing branding and values of the company.





After a few design studio sessions with the team, the look and feel of the app started to take shape



WireFrame iterations

After the initial design studio sessions, our lead designer sketched digitally for the mid-fi iterations.

Left to Right; The Initial digital render (prior to analog design studio),
followed by two iterations post-design studio and the final hi-fi mock up.





Usability testing

We conducted in-person tests throughout the design process including remote tests through
Usability tests flushed out the following design issues:

  • 'Appointments' being its own page crowded the nav bar so it was removed and added into both the
    landing page and 'Calendar' pages. This keeps it within one click while opening up the nav bar.

  • Nav bar placement in upper portion of screen is a far stretch for thumbs so was moved to bottom.

  • 'You are here' identification not prominent enough.